Our hidden ‘Mr. Hyde’

This time the words came easier in English.

There’s a kernel of evil in every one of us. That’s a fact. We all know it’s there even though we might not admit it. At one point or another each and every one of us gave in to the power of that kernel of evil. We allowed it to sprout and grow inside of us.

Hate, envy, ego, egotism, anger – they all feed the evil in us. In the dog-eat-dog world we live in, it makes sense to have all those feelings. They are fueled by what we see around us, by the people dear to us or by complete strangers. They sometimes grow to a ridiculous size and take over completely, engulfing us in bad energy. In a way, it makes us… human. The bad side of humanity, mind you.

I haven’t seen an animal to do something mean on a dare. Such cruel animals probably exist, but their dark side extends slightly beyond the survival instinct or proving their place in their herd/flock/etc. They hunt for food, not for pleasure. The defeated will accept the defeat and not stab in the back the alpha, three weeks later.

It’s strange how we lend so much power to our inner Mr. Hyde. Why can’t some people realize that they will get to a point where they will be begging him to let them take over for a while, because he owns their every move? When he manages to take the power completely, we’re done.

We can’t be entirely good and we can’t be entirely bad, either. Things must be balanced. I guess all of us have a kernel of evil and all of us have a kernel of good. The difference between the strong and the week is what kernel they encourage growing.

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