Bros before hoes

There’s a special kind of relationship that only men can develop between themselves. It’s nothing sexual; but rather a bond so deep and so strong that it’s very often misunderstood by women.

Women selfishly want all the men’s attention all the time; and that’s fine, too, but up to a point. That point is when the guy’s friend needs him. That’s when everything will be put on pause just so that friend can be helped properly.

I bet that if you look throughout the history, you’ll find such friendships in the rulers and higher-ups. You’ll see those deep connections where loyalty borders obsession. I guess that it’s why the phrase ‘bros before hoes’ makes so much sense.

I think that such connections are misunderstood because they are so very rare these days. Honour is not what it used to be. A gentleman’s word is so seldom used, you don’t really know what to do with it when you get it. Nowadays, values are materials assets.

It’s quite sad to see such bonds on the verge of extinction, because they are so manly and so raw, they could never be established and maintained between two women.

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