I can easily say I am a story junkie. I like stories, I enjoy them, I yearn for them. The more interesting, the better. I might not be the best at telling them (maybe not yet) or I might not be very good at retelling them, but I am great at following the story line.

What kind of stories I like? Well, it doesn’t really matter. It might be music, films or books. It almost never is poetry as for some reason I find it very hard to follow it. The music is somewhat the fastest way of telling a story. Deep emotions should be fitted in just a few minutes.

Films are always nice. You can see the director’s perspective of a certain story which was written by someone. It’s interesting.

Books are something else altogether. They are amazing ways to just dig into totally different worlds. To have a taste of someone else’s imagination or experience, whilst keeping the right to control how you see the characters and the places. It brings a lot of imagination exercise and it’s the best escape from daily reality.

It’s like living experiences you won’t be able to live, otherwise. How wonderful books are! To give you the possibility of diving into lots of different timelines!

My favourite books? I don’t know. I can’t really pinpoint to one or another. I guess it has to be the ones which had a very interesting story, because when it all comes together, I am just a story junkie :-)

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