What a wonderful world!

Sometimes I think of it as Louis Armstrong saw it in his exquisite song. Remember it?

Other times, I just say it in a very… sarcastic tone. Observing people’s reactions has been for years one of my personal curiosities. To be honest, what I have noticed the most is that people don’t really know how to communicate with each other. There are plenty of situations when it seems we revert to our primary instincts, where we just blurt out whatever frustrations we have in our hearts without caring about what the others think and feel.

It’s quite surprising how many situations we find ourselves not being able to communicate our feelings in a mature way. Understanding our own mind and soul is so important! I think that maturity doesn’t come with age. Instead it comes when we are able to hold our tongues at bay and listen to understand. It’s when we are able to convey clearly our thoughts without giving in to emotions.

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