Lately we’ve been witnessing a rise in women empowerment content. For example… the latest Star Wars film. Oh, you do have to watch this video below about it. It’s hilarious! Unfortunately it’s also very true…

I shouldn’t digress. I was saying that we are witnessing a trend of women empowerment content that’s being released. That’s no problem whatsoever. However, I want to ask you two questions. First of all, why the women that are being set as models are stronger (even physically) than men? Why are we presented women who do things even men can’t do easily? That’s not how reality is, isn’t it?

Second, when will we see an increase in the content empowering men? I mean… real men. Gentlemen. Men who have a backbone and honour their word. Who never put anyone down just because it’s the easy way out. I want to know where those men have disappeared. The ones you could always count on. The ones that you (as a woman or a child, even) look up to and try to understand where their strength comes from.

I want to see a story about a man low in skill, but with a passion to envy, who polishes that skill as close to perfection as humanly possible. I want to see true men being what they are supposed to be: strong, confident, energetic and independent. I yearn to see men who have integrity and will not step aside their path just to kick other people. I want to see the journey of men who are passionate about a certain goal and work hard towards it.

When will we see such story in the empowerment content that’s being released?

Don’t get me wrong. Women empowerment content is great and I support it! With the side note that it’s great as long as it doesn’t get ridiculous and impossible to do in real life. We need to see attainable goals. We need to follow journeys we can relate to!

Each and very one of us has his/her own path they want to follow. Trying to be better just to prove something… that’s just wrong! Children are being exposed to this kind of content and their perception will be crooked.

So let me ask you what I really want to know: why can’t we simply show people giving their upmost to reach their personal goals and to have a fulfilled life, without stepping on dead bodies? This is the kind of examples we should be stumbling upon…

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