Not giving a fuck

I guess people are quite stressed out from modern living. Despite our lives being more comfortable than ever, we find new and new ways to be miserable. Because we like the feeling of happiness when the misery goes away. Perhaps… :-)

Anyway, along came stress. And stress accumulates and drags us down. Then, we found ways to relieve ourselves of stress: procrastinate doing the work or doing it half-hearted by not giving a fuck.

Now, I must admit I hate this part. I agree that we shouldn’t be concerned about certain aspects of the job and small things, however we should always do our very best! Not giving a fuck about people is the wrong way to go about things. Imagine that no one gave a fuck about you. How would that feel like? It would be simply awful, wouldn’t it? Not giving a fuck about what we put out in the world is again not the right way of doing things. Why would one ever want to associate themselves to something that lacks in quality and passion!?

The only stress we should feel is that we are not evolving to be a better person with every day that passes. That’s what we should be worrying about. The rest are just crumbs on the floor.

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