Bad things

Do you know those words (that will probably become a saying soon) „You did a bad thing. You’re not a bad person.”? What do you think about them? I believe they are very real because every person at one point or another in their life will end up hurting the people around them. Why? Simply because we are in a interdepended society. People need each other to survive. We are never alone, so it makes sense that our actions will somehow hurt someone. And all that will happen regardless of our intentions, of us trying to be a good person and keep true to ourselves.

However, I am going to take it one step farther. When does this „you did a bad thing. You’re not a bad person” become overused? How many times can we use this as, let’s say, excuse until its meaning cannot justify any longer what we have been doing? When will a person be seen as bad because they do bad things constantly and justify them because „we are not bad persons, we just did a bad thing”?

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