Information vs. Education

There’s a meme on the internet saying something along these lines: “remember when we thought that lack of information was the cause of people being stupid? Yeah. That wasn’t it.” I can’t find it easily and to be honest, I can’t be bothered to look for it. I know that you know which one I am talking about. It’s basically about how much information there is online and people still don’t learn.

I find it fascinating that someone actually believed that if people have information within reach, they will actually learn a lot. That really didn’t happen, did it? It’s become so accessible that people don’t use it any longer because they know they could find it easily! What a silly thing to think, don’t you think so? (tongue twister intentional). When Saint Google is within your pocket, why would you need to know things? Why would you be bothered to study and fill your brain with information? Right?

That’s the issue with nowadays society: people don’t really want to improve themselves in any aspect of their lives. They think it’s so easy to do because information is always available. Besides, there aren’t many people who improve themselves on a daily basis, think about it. How many of your friends actually take the time to learn and remember things? I know I don’t have that many. Everyone is against school and by school, they think of everything that other people try to teach them. Then, they get to 30 and realise they are not happy with their lives and they want to make a change. What’s to do when they haven’t been taught (or they haven’t paid attention to what others were trying to tell them) how to learn and how to grow? They start taking personal development courses and try to go with the trend, not knowing how to filter the information they hear and see.

You know what really helps with education (and it’s kind of therapeutic – for those who need this word because they don’t think of “happy” instead)? Writing things down on paper with a pencil. Making it harder to erase!! Making it harder to copy! Taking notes.

This is how we can take Information to build self-Education.

No one will teach you how to self-educate. It’s such a personal and intimate process, it can get frustrating, but it’s something we have to do, mainly because this is what differentiates us from animals.

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