Routine = Expectations

When you do the same things the same way every single day, you know how your day is going to unfold. I am not talking about planning your day. That’s something totally different. I mean doing the same things every day, in the same order.

Routines are good. They give us a sense of comfort, a sense of security. However, too much comfort is never good. It dulls the senses and the focus.

Routines are a tricky thing, mainly because they are amazing when done correctly. One step over the fine line between them being good or bad for you and you’re done for!

Excellence is done by routinely doing a certain thing (e.g., the more you train, the better you become). However, routines also create expectations: you know how certain things will unfold and if something perturbs that, you become anxious. Your focus shifts towards something that you thought it’s going to be smooth sailing and instead it’s barely holding on in an unexpected storm.

Having a routine is good, but we shouldn’t extend it throughout the day.

Leave room for the unknown!

Leave room for the unexpected!

You must keep focused on your soul first and your goals second. More importantly, don’t let comfort dull you.

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