A strong word for a title, huh? But let me tell you what I mean by it, oki?

A few days before I saw on a fitness girl influencer’s instastory that she was talking about something disturbing that had happened to her during one of the live workout she did. I was curious so I watched the explanation and the apologies till the end. So what happened was this: a man created an account very similar in name with one of the accounts she was familiar with (he even used the same profile photo) and requested to join the live. She didn’t realise it wasn’t her friend so she accepted the request. When that guy went live, he exposed himself to her and her audience. She had a quick reflex to end it, but she was shocked and appalled by that, as all of us would be.

She apologized to her followers that they had to see such a thing (that’s a nice gesture), but she mentioned something that made me think (obviously). It was something along the lines of “women don’t like unrequested exposure of men”. Of course they don’t. But why would a woman do unrequested exposure of herself unless it was to attract attention? I am really asking you guys.

It doesn’t really matter whose attention the woman wants to get, but the moment she posts pictures of her in bikinis all day long and she struts her stuff in an Instagram video, that’s what she does. She begs for attention. And she will get attention, for sure. Not only from the kind of men and women she’d like, no. She’s get attention from the dark side of the internet as well, where people aren’t nice and just let go of all of their frustrations hidden behind the anonimity of an avatar and a nickname.

When you are a fitness influencer, you show off your body. That’s a fact. That’s how you get followers, right? By first showing the results yourself have got. Now imagine that you slightly overdo it. You post quite often photos and videos in which you don’t have anything but a teensy bathing suit. How on earth can you think that there won’t be men who would want to f**k you or show you that they get hard by your body? Really now.

I bet women will jump at me and say that wouldn’t have been the case because what that guy did was inexcusable and the lady influencer is right. I’m not saying that what he did is not wrong. I am saying it’s understandable. Imagine we transpose this kind of situation in real life, oki? You are a woman and are walking around your yard naked. The only thing between you and the people outside your home is a forged iron gate through which you can be seen clearly by anyone on the street. The fence wouldn’t let them get to you, but it does not restrict them from seeing you! Would you be surprised if men started crowing at your place and start jerking off? And say you never wanted that? Maybe you didn’t want it, but that’s the result of what you put out there!

There are ladies who workout, but don’t want to share almost every inch of their bodies. And it’s not because they are not comfortable with they bodies! Nope! It’s because they know that elegance will attract the right crowd. Don’t tell me you show your body in hot poses and not expect people to watch. That’s hypocrisy. It’s like going out in a bathing suit in a mountain town where everyone else wears jeans and t-shirts. Don’t blame men for getting their animalic instincts awaken by what you show. They’re visual creatures after all.

So these are my thoughts on what happened to that influencer girl and on the matter, in general. Upset yet? :)

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