Monkey see, monkey do

We tend to blame people for imitating others, but when it comes down to it, isn’t life just that in the beginning? We imitated the adults when we start walking. It’s not like they sit behind us and put our feet one in front of the other. Or take laughing, for another example. No one ever told us how to laugh! We know because we imitated it, correct?

Why would someone who imitates someone else be wrong?! After all, there are two other sayings going around: „imitation is the most sincere form of admiration” and (this is where I am going with this) „learn from other people’s experiences”.

When we imitate, we replicate something that rezonates with us and which is proven to be working! Moreover, it seems to be worth the most precious of our possessions: our time.

Weird how we people respect and admire only what we see as imitations of good behaviours.

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