What’s the rush?

So… I saw this Instagram story with a young psychologist saying that she is trying to get rid of the habit of using her phone right before bedtime.

The other night, I placed it on the cabinet which is slightly farther away from the bed. It was on silent mode. I sneaked into the covers and quickly fell asleep (it was 2 a.m., after all). Sunday morning I woke up with the sun on my face (literally :) ). I reached to the bedside and got the book I started a few weeks (!!) ago.

Silly enough, I was trying to go through it fast, because I knew that after I finished the chapter, I would get up, get online, start my day and so on.

When the chapter was done, that Instagram story came to my mind and I actually felt how hard it was to calm myself and refrain from touching the phone.

Another thought came to my mind: at nearly 34 years old, I am old enough to remember how life was before mobile phones, before Internet. How me and my sister got up to play with each other, to read books, to run around and have fun – basically to enjoy life.

We were kids, true that, but still… Where is this rush coming from? Phones were supposed to be tools we can use, not the other way round. Where are we rushing to? Tomorrow might not be in our reach. Wouldn’t it be normal to enjoy today and not rush through things? Just a thought I try to keep myself accountable to.

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