The Aftermath – Book Review

~ This article contains spoilers ~

Didn’t really know what to expect of this book, but the description got me curious. Let me tell you that it’s been quite a while since I have read such a well-written slice of life. I loved how the perspective changed from Mike’s to the other ones’ perspectives, just to create a better image of what’s going on. It just flowed naturally and believably and that’s really hard to do, to be honest. So, hats off!

Despite being a short read, as a reader, I would have liked more details about certain bits.

Why after the accident Mike is seen differently by Chris? What’s changed? We aren’t shown any “situation” that will make us understand the change in Mike’s behaviour after the explosion. Ok, he is fiercer (somehow), but how? What triggered him to change? He wanted to die and even tried to commit suicide. He took it on himself to feel the pain of the explosion in a desperate try of ending it and trying to hurt the bullies in the process. How come he changed? This is a bit that is missing, from my perspective, but hey! Considering that the story is mainly told from his point of view, there’s nothing we can do about it. If the character decides not to think about certain things, it’s on us to try understand him, right? Despite being a bit unsatisfying, this part is also thought-provoking, as if the author didn’t want to hand everything on a silver plate and instead chose to make his readers think.

One thing I wonder about is why Mike forgave Chris so fast after the Marcus incident at the skateboarding pit. And why he suddenly became so open to him? Again, I think the author decided to only show us the unsecure side of Mike’s. To this moment, I still have the feeling that Chris is in fact a bad guy, not Mike’s saving angel. In a very wicked way, I actually want Chris to have killed Mike, just to emphasize that, once again, people who don’t deserve get away with bad things. But the twists are only in my mind, as the story has already been written down and cannot be changed.

I actually crave details about what on earth was Lilly all about? Why did she think that she had any right to spread judgement? Did she actually kill Mike? And if yes, why’s that?! And… how?

One thing that stayed with me was that at some point, it was written that Mike was mad. Well, not with those exact words, but in that sense. I don’t agree with this. Ok, he was taking pills for anxiety and whatnot, but that doesn’t mean he is mad. It just means that he simply admitted that he couldn’t keep under control all by himself, something. Don’t we all do that, after all?

To tell the truth, the story has an unbelievable abrupt end – just like real life, when you think things are going one way, they might suddenly change course to completely opposite. You never think about the end and probably Mike didn’t either, even when he was living it. When he was finally ready to live, his wish of dying was granted. “Be careful what you wish for” strikes again.

It’s a quick book to read, but it gives a long after-taste of thoughts and feelings. These things might happen more often than we like to believe and story is written to make you think and wonder about the ones dear to you – are they going through hardships?

I recommend this book as a great choice for a rainy afternoon.

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