Modern Women

As a matter of fact, I don’t have a very good opinion on modern women. Most of them don’t have a back bone. They don’t take responsibility for what they should be doing as a woman. They demand and demand, yet they don’t offer too much in return. Makes you wonder where’s that silly equality they keep blabbing about? If you demand, you better offer first, so your demand is justified, right? Just saying „We want to be equal with the men”, but choosing the most convenient parts, that’s really not equality. It’s called hypocrisy.

We are all „special”, aren’t we? We all deserve nice things. But women nowadays don’t put in the effort of earning the nice things they want. They think they deserve it simply because they’re breathing. That’s really not how things work, I’m afraid. And then they ask themselves why the good guys, the men who can give them most of what they want (because the man who can completely satisfy a woman wasn’t born yet… *rolls eyes*) are running away from them. Wouldn’t a man be justified to take the best decision for himself? If a woman is too troublesome, he won’t get his head around with her. He’ll just keep looking.

As you can notice I am a bit frustrated with the way things work in out society nowadays when men have bad opinions of the good women just because the weird and difficult ones made their life a living hell with their demands. At least, I am happy I got this out of my mind right now, but I have a feeling it will write again about this. The subject is far from being over. Unfortunately.

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