The Marvelous Misfits of Westminster – Review

~ This article contains spoilers ~

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This story draws you in quite quickly and brings to the light the incredible idea of how your dog has a deeper, more meaningful purpose in your life, not just being a pet, but by defending you of some things that cannot be easily noticed. The way a dog will enter your life is not by chance, but intentionally – that’s what he’s meant to do from day one.

Ever thought that your dog has come into your life with a certain purpose? No? Neither have I. Personally, I always thought it simply happens because you decide to get a dog. Instead you get to have a loyal pal who understands you beyond words and protects and loves you unconditionally.

This book reminded me that I shouldn’t underestimate a short read, because it might contain meaningful ideas. This is exactly what I enjoyed when reading it. The approach is original, interesting and inspiring! At the same time, it gives out a positive vibe and a lot of hope. By the end, you feel like the story could easily flow into the next chapter – a promising one!

There are so many things to still be answered. What will happen with Edith? Is she completely safe now that Hope is around? Will she try to get in touch with Clement and rekindle their relationship? How will they get together again? Will he forgive her for not having their baby? Will Hope still be around after completing her purpose of killing off the shadow? And by the way, intuitively we can understand what the shadow is, but it would be so nice to know what the authors sees a shadow. :)

Good choice of the puppy’s name – Hope – it makes the ending so much brighter.

Wondering if the sequel will follow up.

Later edit: just a quick thought, though. I feel like we shouldn’t have been introduced to the characters like we were. I completely forgot everything I read in those few pages in the beginning of the book. The idea is good though. Could make a good novel if the plot is developed and the story is written without hurry.

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