I wonder why we are so keen on not disappointing others, but we have no real issues with disappointing ourselves… It really takes a toll on us, doesn’t it?

Have you noticed how easy it is to just find excuses or get over the fact that we didn’t do what we ourselves planned to? Let me give you an example. We decid to go shopping at a certain hour, but somehow we did other things or wasted time and that hour came and passed and now we’re just sitting and watching the time and we say “You know what? I’m just gonna order something today. I won’t be bothered to cook. I can manage with what I have in my fridge.”

Or maybe we decided to wake up earlier to exercise or whatever. And when the alarm clock rang, we just turned it off, telling ourselves “I’ll get up in 5 minutes.” One hour later we’re switching from one side to the other in the warmth and comfort of the bed and we think to ourselves that nothing will happen if we start this routine tomorrow.

Guess what. The moment we say that it just happened. Disappointing ourselves, I mean.

We are adaptable creatures (the degree to which we are able to adapt to new circumstances depends on every individual, obviously), but because we also have a mind, we ought to use it properly and not evolve randomly. We need unexpected events in our lives because that’s how we evolve, but we also need well-defined routines that will shape our characters and minds.

Deciding to do something and not doing it because of laziness or letting other things be a priority when they shouldn’t be, will not help us in any way. Unfortunately, children and teens are not taught to pay attention to such details and by the time they know it, they wake up being 30-something years old and looking for self-development courses and seminars on how to get things done. These kind of things should have been told to us by our parents, because (I think and I hope) parents want their offspring to become more and be better than they ever were.

This post is written out of frustration towards myself because I wanted to wake up earlier and I couldn’t do it because I felt tired and wanted to sleep more. I felt tired and at the same time I felt that’s a lame excuse. So there you have it: an early morning disappointment I have to fix. *sigh*

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