The Rhyming Tales of Mimi The Moon Princess – Book Review


I wonder how many books you read lately have given you the feeling that you are back to being a child. Before I read The Rhyming Tales of Mimi The Moon Princess, I couldn’t think of any. The illustrations, the story and the rhyming (oh! The rhyming!) – everything about this book made me reminisce about the books I read when I was little, which were hopeful and bright. To be frank, I didn’t know I missed the illustration books I read in childhood until I read this story, but what a trait this was!

Authors put their spirit and feelings out on paper and both, S.B. Christian and E.W. Rhodes have such wonderful souls! The story they have written is absolutely stunning! They used words in such a creative way that when you read the story, your mind will instantly create the images and the sounds they describe. Let’s not forget about the rhyming! It’s really not that easy to do it, but the way the authors have matched the words left me speechless.

Mimi is a pure child who meets Chandra, a fawn who was wandering alone in the forest. Without even having to say a word, they understand each other on a deeper level. As unsurprisingly as it could be, the children start playing together and become friends. Then, ever so naturally, we are introduced into the mystical side of the story, where Mimi tries to get answers of a dream she had about Chandra. Without any fear, Chandra is by Mimi’s side, who is determined to understand the vision she had. Their perseverance and the result of their pure connection takes them higher: they are given the task of giving hope to children to fulfil their dreams and how important it is to be different from the ones around you. What a beautiful idea! There are few words to describe how good this story is. You really need to read it for yourself!

You can get the book here.

Image snipped from here.

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