Rone Isa – Book Review

~ This review contains spoilers!~

Book can be found here

I must say that cyberworld it’s quite a difficult topic to tap into, especially when one wants to keep using parts of the current reality. The start of the book is interesting and engaging, especially because the difference in language makes the reader avid to know more about Enoya and to learn how she came to life, so to speak.

Dargaurd programmed Enoya out of boredom and play-around, just to get a break from his sad life. He accepts the reality of their relationship and her promise that she will never hurt him to the point of even taking advantage of it, as he becomes wealthy and famous only because of her ability. This is completely understandable; however, their relationship is not fully described apart from how Dargaud takes advantage of Enoya’s abilities and sees her as a tool.

I think the book could have been a lot longer, to explore more Dargaud’s mind and reactions to what was happening, such as: what was Dargaud’s reaction when he got home and saw the blood and the corpses? What was Enoya’s explanation to what he had found? Up to the end of the book we are led to believe that there were no secrets between them, so we can only assumed that she would have easily told him what she had done, if he had asked. One bit which I think would have been better if detailed more was why wasn’t he worried one bit about what was Enoya doing. Granted, he had issues with authority and he despised being told what to do and what not to do, but surely, as a creator he would at least be curious about what’s happening with his creation.

We are also witnesses of Dargaud’s position to Enhan’s love. At the beginning of the book they weren’t in a position to be in a relationship.  Due to the hardships of both of their lives, they weren’t able to put in a lot of energy into building up a romantic relationship. However, all obstacles disappear when Darguad becomes famous. With his new found fame and wealth, he basks in the luxuries life brings his way, luxuries he could only imagine a few months before. He does care deeply about Enhan because he pays all her debts, but when she suggests that there’s nothing standing in their way as a couple, he realises that it’s not what he wants to do at the moment and refuses her – a decision he later regrets to some degree.

Despite several attempts, apparently no one succeeded in recreating an entity like Enoya. We are not told if Enoya herself even tried to look into this, but we can only assume that another entity as smart as her (or even smarter) might have put in danger her integrity and power, hence it might not be that she couldn’t have created an entity like herself, but rather that she didn’t want to.

There’s still the question to where has the sixth man run to and what did Enoya have on him to keep him quiet of what happened? This might be something worth exploring in a side story of possible revenge (if he had not been infected with the virus from the film Enoya created).

One thing that should be explored Dargaud’s life after Enoya’s death. Will he spend his life trying to recreate the sequence he first used, which “came to life”, so to speak? Or will he accept the new world order which was developing from the homo sapiens killing itself off, as a species? However we look at it, Dargaud was probably not a novum humana individual and was spared by the hypnotic virus because of the simple fact that he was the one who created Enoya.

I have to admit that I really enjoyed the book because apart from the great idea and the extra-exploring potential it has, the writing is exceptional. The visuals and the audio the reader gets from the words succession are absolutely stunning, just like in Akin.

I will be waiting eagerly for the next book signed Robin Murarka.

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