New Year’s Resolution :)

Hello World,

Missed me? I wonder… :)

I remember that in 2010 I made a huge list of New Year’s Resolutions, which to be honest, I didn’t keep them. 12 years passed and I haven’t written down any lists on New Year’s. Not necessarily that I don’t have goals, it’s just… I think they hang over my head too much… “I have to do this or else…” Or else what? You know what? You’ll disappoint yourself and that sucks. It sucks big time. So yeah… no written New Year’s Resolutions, but I have goals I want to aim for, so I’ll post more and I would love to make a transformation of my Facebook and Instagram profiles (Instagram is already underway), so let’s welcome this New Year as a New Chance!

I hope wherever you are, whoever you are, you are healthy and are well. Keep positive and do only good things. The more good we put in the world, the more we will suppress the bad. And that’s what we should focus on. :)

Glad to be back here!

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