Long time, no hear

Hello there! It’s been quite a while. Looking at the dates, it’s an awfully long while, but when I think about it, it seems that the time just flew by. Anyway, two years ago, when the issues started around the world, I decided not to write my thoughts, anxieties, or hopes here. Why? because I still wanted to have a small corner that was untainted by the awful things that happen in the world. The recent events were and still are absolutely shocking for me, but I still don’t want to write about them here. It’s my way of keeping myself away from them. So, let’s continue together on our journeys of the hearts in this strange world we are currently living in. Let’s not give in to mean things and spread kindness and goodness in the world.

Anyway, I do want to write more regularly and I will. What I want to focus on is the good things in the world and I want to read a bit more. I found that it’s quite soothing to get lost in another world and story, so reading a book can get quite addictive if you want to be different than all the people who „carress the glass of their phones all the time”.

So, here I am again. How have you been? I hope everyone is alright and keep strong, safe, and well.

Let’s work towards a better tomorrow!

Warmest thoughts,

Yours, Alice

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