10 Reasons NOT to be like Amber Heard

If you’ve been reading my blog, you know that I haven’t posted in a while, although I do want to and you do know that I don’t post celebrity stuff, however, Johnny Depp is my favourite actor of all times. He’s always had interesting roles and to be brutally honest, he’s an artist: from the way he presents himself, to the way he acts, to the way he speaks. I don’t dig into celebrities’ lives, because I simply don’t have time for that. I have my own life to live, not live theirs from afar if you know what I mean. So apart from the fact that I heard he drinks and does drugs (I think that at some point, every celebrity had experienced drugs and had drunk their brains out), I don’t know anything about his life. I don’t know what he likes and what he doesn’t. And you know what? I don’t care either. Because what’s important to me is how his roles make me feel, not what he drinks or does. That’s his business.

Now that we had this little introduction and you know where I stand in regards to Johnny Depp, let me tell you about Amber Heard. I have never heard about Heard before the defamation trial Johnny started against her. Evidently, it’s because I don’t read things about celebrities’ lives, so I didn’t even know she was Johnny Depp’s wife. I recall I heard the news that he broke up with Vanessa Paradis and got remarried, but I was never too interested to find out who the new wife was. So… I never knew she even existed. On a side note, I cannot remember her from any of her movies, if by any chance I have seen any (guess what… I did see her, in the first Aquaman. For me she was just another dime a dozen actress). To me, she is not memorable in any way – professionally or physically.

Then the trial started and because of Youtube, I was able to “be” in the courtroom with them. What a joy! It was half-sarcastic if you haven’t noticed it. I was impressed that I could see it live, but the things I heard… Oh. My. God.

So let’s start, shall we? What you as a woman should do or never do, so you don’t become an Amber (see what I did there? Referenced a Karen, but changed to Amber, since it’s a different kind of species. I do hope it sticks. Although with the internet these days, you’ll never know if I’ll get any credit for starting it, or indeed if I started it in the first place).

  1. Don’t shit on other people’s beds. If you think of yourself as a lady, then act like one, not like an animal. It might sound stupid, but don’t shit on your partner’s side of the bed.
  2. Don’t bring your partner to the point where he says “I want to be alone, away from you. Don’t follow me. I’m leaving.” What’s wrong with you?! Why would you exasperate him so much? Men think differently than women do, so if you are mentally unstable, girl… you need professional help. Go get yourself check out and don’t destroy people’s lives with your shite!
  3. Don’t record your husband to have “proof” he’s not a saint. Recording your partner to have something to refer to when it will be convenient to you, is just petty. This breaks any possible lines of trust he might have put in you. Would you have liked it if he recorded your crazy shit? No? Of course not! So don’t do petty things!!
  4. Keep to your word. Don’t say “I want to end this, I want him to leave me alone”, but do everything you can to be in his life. Why would you crave the attention of someone you disappointed and hurt? You don’t deserve it either way. Just go your way and leave the guy alone.
  5. Don’t pretend you are more than you are. If you want to be seen as you, just be genuine. The right people for you will come along.
  6. Don’t seek only financial gains from your relationship. If that’s what you are doing, you’re whoring. Sorry, but it’s true. Even if you don’t call it like that, it’s just another way of whoring. So…
  7. If you think people keep having issues with you, have a better look at yourself. There’s a high chance that it’s you who’s at fault in the first place.
  8. Don’t hit a man and hide under the “he can’t hit me because I am a woman”. Being a woman doesn’t give you the privilege of doing everything the hell you want with your partner. He’s not your puppet. He will either go to find peace away from you, or smack you back. If he smacks you back because you started it, then guess what. It was your fault. (I am not talking about the men who just hit women just because they feel like it. I am talking about the men who get so fed up with women’s shit that they just slap them to make them get a grip)
  9. If you know you have childhood trauma and you have previously been accused of hitting your partner, go to a therapist before getting into another relationship.
  10. If you think women are entitled to everything simply because they are women (trashing other people, men or women, seeking only their well-being, being egotistic and selfish, etc.), then you need to pick up a few books and start educating yourself. NO ONE is entitled to anything just because they exist. Remember that.

Johnny won. Not necessarily the money, because she might not be able to pay, but he won everyone all over again. Why? Not because he is a man, but because he was genuine.

Be genuine and take responsibility for your personality and how you are!

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