Modern Times

A thought has been bugging me lately about how people make money on social media. There are so many “influencers” nowadays, that is truly hard to believe that the purpose of those people’s lives is creating content.

I think that thinking about the meaning of life will come to everyone one day or another. And many, if not all of us, will think about our own purpose. What do we have to do in this life? Should we just go to school, get a job, have a car, a house, and kids, and then recall the “golden days” of our youth while waiting to kick the bucket? Is that… it? Is that what this life is supposed to be? Fitting in?

You’ll agree that’s not really plausible, right?

So, in finding the purpose of our lives, we would need to discover our talents. We would need to notice and understand the patterns that keep happening in our lives and solve the ones that are not taking us closer to our life purpose.

This brings me back to the first statement of this post. If all we do is create content to get likes (*rolls eyes*) or consume content to get entertained, we’ll just let time slip through our fingers. And time doesn’t come back to us. That’s the issue. We would waste the time we should have used to get fulfilled on a deeper level than just visual-audio entertainment.

Some people are meant to be leaders and influencers, but I don’t think that all modern influencers are meant to be in that position. Clearly many people are missing their lives’ purpose by wasting time on platforms that are designed to keep them away from real life.

Can you imagine how fulfilling you’d feel if you knew what are the things you can do best?

Thoughts on this?


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