Long time, no hear

Hello there! It's been quite a while. Looking at the dates, it's an awfully long while, but when I think about it, it seems that the time just flew by. Anyway, two years ago, when the issues started around the world, I decided not to write my thoughts, anxieties, or hopes here. Why? because I... Continue Reading →

New Year’s Resolution :)

Hello World, Missed me? I wonder... :) I remember that in 2010 I made a huge list of New Year's Resolutions, which to be honest, I didn't keep them. 12 years passed and I haven't written down any lists on New Year's. Not necessarily that I don't have goals, it's just... I think they hang... Continue Reading →

Where is the life?

You wake up in the morning and you unlock your phone. The screen lights up and you glimpse at all the notifications, useless ones, important one, unexpected ones, looking for the ones that should have been there, but are missing. You start scrolling different apps, trying to "catch up with things" (how much did you... Continue Reading →

Escape (update)

"Escape" is a very short story I submitted to a writing contest. Didn't win, but can't help loving what came out of my fingers hitting the keyboard. It's only 1000 words long (that was the maximum required number of words) so do take a few minutes and read it for free on Inkitt and if... Continue Reading →

Growth and Change

Growing together means nothing more than being part of your partner's change. That's why we are so surprised of how someone changed when we meet them after a long time. It's only because we didn't witness their change throughout the time we weren't together. We don't always grow, but we do change constantly. Being next... Continue Reading →

How do you feel love?

Thoughts provoking prompts: Where do you feel it? You say the words, but how does love feel like for you? Is it cerebral? Do you feel it in your chest? Do you feel it in your gut? Is it mixed with gratefulness? Does it make you feel powerful? Does it make you feel vulnerable? Does... Continue Reading →


Sometimes we think things are as tangled as a spider's web. But even a spider's web is vulnerable in front of a gust of wind...Change will come. Embrace it! You've longed for it, after all...


The first droplet fell so close to its body, it almost threw her off course. She had just taken off a yellow honeysuckle flower, after a long day of collecting pollen. She was used to working all day long, but what a day this was! It was the twenty-first trip she had taken to the... Continue Reading →


I can easily say I am a story junkie. I like stories, I enjoy them, I yearn for them. The more interesting, the better. I might not be the best at telling them (maybe not yet) or I might not be very good at retelling them, but I am great at following the story line.... Continue Reading →

Fericirea la-ndemână

Ce ați face dacă ați avea fericirea la îndemână? Pur și simplu, să fie acolo lângă voi, așteptând doar să întindeți mâna și să o luați. Probabil că o avem cu toții la îndemână, doar că nu știm. Avem nevoie de o comparație. Trebuie să ne fie puțin rău ca să știm cum e când... Continue Reading →

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