Monika Krause Queen of Condoms ~ Book Review

~ This article contains spoilers ~ The book cover There are so many amazing people in this world you didn’t know that made a difference until you read a book about them and about their lives. If you are lucky, you'll get to read the book while they are still alive and you still have... Continue Reading →

Rone Isa – Book Review

~ This review contains spoilers!~ Book can be found here I must say that cyberworld it’s quite a difficult topic to tap into, especially when one wants to keep using parts of the current reality. The start of the book is interesting and engaging, especially because the difference in language makes the reader avid to... Continue Reading →

Akin – Book Review

~ This article contains spoilers! ~ This book is one that which you must definitely have in your personal library for it imprints itself into your heart. The reason is very simple: it’s astonishing! The story flows easily and follows young Aydan who, on the reason that he had a nightmare, is doomed by the... Continue Reading →

The Aftermath – Book Review

~ This article contains spoilers ~ Didn’t really know what to expect of this book, but the description got me curious. Let me tell you that it’s been quite a while since I have read such a well-written slice of life. I loved how the perspective changed from Mike’s to the other ones’ perspectives, just... Continue Reading →

Tenet – Movie Review

~Attention! It contains spoilers!~ Photo taken from here. Christopher Nolan's films have this wonderful, interesting twist towards the end that makes you think about things. And mind challenging and thought provoking films are always nice to have. When I first saw the trailer for Tenet, I instantly made a mind note to see it as... Continue Reading →

The one?

-- Articolul conține spoilere, deși nu e chiar o recenzie în toată puterea cuvântului :-) --  Cred că avem cu toții niște seriale preferate pe care le punem ca sunet de fundal când tăcerea nu ne oferă confort. Pentru mine e Friends. Cred că am trecut de vreo opt sau nouă ori prin el, de... Continue Reading →

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