Monkey see, monkey do

We tend to blame people for imitating others, but when it comes down to it, isn't life just that in the beginning? We imitated the adults when we start walking. It's not like they sit behind us and put our feet one in front of the other. Or take laughing, for another example. No one... Continue Reading →

Escape (update)

"Escape" is a very short story I submitted to a writing contest. Didn't win, but can't help loving what came out of my fingers hitting the keyboard. It's only 1000 words long (that was the maximum required number of words) so do take a few minutes and read it for free on Inkitt and if... Continue Reading →


A strong word for a title, huh? But let me tell you what I mean by it, oki? A few days before I saw on a fitness girl influencer's instastory that she was talking about something disturbing that had happened to her during one of the live workout she did. I was curious so I... Continue Reading →

Why don’t we believe in…

...people giving out free stuff? As in, when we see it's a new business trying to make its way through the market with a giveaway, why would you not trust it? Why is it that we only trust people who seem to have a benefit from helping us? Are they really that much more trustworthy?!... Continue Reading →

Growth and Change

Growing together means nothing more than being part of your partner's change. That's why we are so surprised of how someone changed when we meet them after a long time. It's only because we didn't witness their change throughout the time we weren't together. We don't always grow, but we do change constantly. Being next... Continue Reading →


You know that saying that goes something like "I don't get mad, I get even"? I don't know who said it and, to be honest, I am too lazy right now to look it up (on a side note, if we didn't have internet, I would have probably remembered who said it...). Question for this... Continue Reading →

Routine = Expectations

When you do the same things the same way every single day, you know how your day is going to unfold. I am not talking about planning your day. That's something totally different. I mean doing the same things every day, in the same order. Routines are good. They give us a sense of comfort,... Continue Reading →

How do you feel love?

Thoughts provoking prompts: Where do you feel it? You say the words, but how does love feel like for you? Is it cerebral? Do you feel it in your chest? Do you feel it in your gut? Is it mixed with gratefulness? Does it make you feel powerful? Does it make you feel vulnerable? Does... Continue Reading →

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