Modern Times

A thought has been bugging me lately about how people make money on social media. There are so many "influencers" nowadays, that is truly hard to believe that the purpose of those people's lives is creating content. I think that thinking about the meaning of life will come to everyone one day or another. And... Continue Reading →

Labels & LGBTQA+

The author of a book I read claimed she hates labels. She had written a male-male (MM) romance (sex description included) and her characters were trying to not be labeled as gay because it was the first time they were doing such a thing and despite the fact that they enjoyed each other's company, they... Continue Reading →

Long time, no hear

Hello there! It's been quite a while. Looking at the dates, it's an awfully long while, but when I think about it, it seems that the time just flew by. Anyway, two years ago, when the issues started around the world, I decided not to write my thoughts, anxieties, or hopes here. Why? because I... Continue Reading →

Focus on ROI

How many times have you heard this phrase? "Focus on ROI". Basically we are told and taught that we should focus on what's in it for us, right? What will return to us from our investment. Why can't we do something out of kindness, without expecting returns on our investments? Granted, in business, whatever it's... Continue Reading →

Where is the life?

You wake up in the morning and you unlock your phone. The screen lights up and you glimpse at all the notifications, useless ones, important one, unexpected ones, looking for the ones that should have been there, but are missing. You start scrolling different apps, trying to "catch up with things" (how much did you... Continue Reading →

“Ne-am ajuns”

Un gând care mă sperie puțin e că o parte din timpul pe care l-am trăit se vede. Nu numai fizic, prin riduri și corp, dar și prin ce avem din punct de vedere material.Se zice că timpul e bani. Parte din valoarea timpului vieții noastre se contorizează în salariu sau în câștiguri, nu? Iar... Continue Reading →


Au trecut ceva ani de când am simțit sentimentul că totul se întâmplă în perioade de timp. Copilăria e o perioadă de timp. Vrem doar să fim mari odată, crezând că dacă suntem mari putem face ce vrem. E cu dus-întors asta. Putem face ce vrem, dar uneori e destul de dificil să și reușim... Continue Reading →

E posibil să nu avem așteptări?

M-am tot gândit dacă este viabil să nu avem așteptări (mă refer în general) și am ajuns la concluzia că este posibil atunci când evenimentele respective nu ne afectează deloc, cu absolut nimic. În rest, cred că putem spune că nu avem așteptări, însă dacă reacția noastră este „hm” sau „hha” sau orice altceva în... Continue Reading →

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